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You must be a member to view the content on this page.Our bill to change how architects report compliance with the disability access continuing education requirement was signed into law by the governor.  What does AB 1746 do?  Beginning with the 2013 renewal cycle, architects will no longer have to submit the “coursework provider documentation” forms to the California Architects Board (CAB) along with their renewal application.  Instead, architects will have to certify they took the required course hours and keep the documentation forms for two years in case of an audit.  What does this mean?  The CAB will be able to manage this program more efficiently, meaning there will be less pressure to increase the licensing fee, and; the CAB will be able to manage this program more effectively, meaning beginning in 2013 architects will not experience the delays in receiving confirmation their license was renewed.

Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC
Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC

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