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AEP-homepageTo advance local and regional excellence, the AIACC Academy for Emerging Professionals developed an awards program to recognize those who contribute in assisting Emerging Professionals and their colleagues in pursuing their personal and professional goals. These individuals recognize the importance of Emerging Professional AIA members and their contribution to the current environment and future of architecture, and are also an excellent source of information and inspiration for components elsewhere, looking for new ideas and programming for their Emerging Professional members. The AIA California Council (AIACC), Academy for Emerging Professional (AEP) Council of Advisors (COA), has created the following award categories open for nominations:

Award categories are as follows:

Firm Mentorship Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an AIA firm that has made an extraordinary effort to mentor Emerging Professionals in their firm through the implementation of specific programs.

Chapter Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an AIA chapter for the development of superb programming and fostering the highest qualities of leadership within the emerging professional membership.

Associates Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an individual Associate AIA member who best exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to his/her chapter or region’s membership, in the community, in professional organizations, and/or in the design and construction industries.

Young Architects Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an individual Young Architect who has shown exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the profession in an early stage of his/her architectural career.

Student Leader Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an individual Student for his or her outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to the consistent growth and development of their AIAS chapter, School and/or Community.

Educator Award: The highest award given by the AIACC AEP to an Educator for his or her outstanding contribution to the formal education of architecture students.


  • Nominees must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the applicable award category
  • Award Submission Material must be received by 5 p.m. on October 11, 2013.
  • In order to ensure the fair and thorough evaluation of all nominees for the AIACC AEP Awards, Submission Material must be submitted in the manner described for the applicable award category
  • All entries submitted without the required submission materials will be disqualified

Award applications will be reviewed based on the Award Category Selection Criteria

The seven-person 2013 AEP Award Jury will be comprised of the following AIACC leaders:

  • (1) YAF Director from the AEP COA o (1) Student Director from the AEP COA o (1) Associate Director from the AEP COA o (1) IDP State Coordinator from the AEP COA
  • The Architect-at-large Member from the AEP COA or The AIACC First VP
  • The AIACC VP of CACE


Nomination Submissions Due by 5 p.m. on October 11, 2013

All questions can be directed to:

Click here to download guidelines.

Norma Sklarek, FAIA Award

norma2The Norma Sklarek, FAIA, Achievement Award is conferred by the AIA California Council Board of Directors. The recipient may be an architect (person) or architecturally-oriented organization. The award is intended to recognize social responsibility. The award arena is purposely flexible so as to remain relevant within any given era.

Examples of issues include but are not limited to: Housing the homeless; affordable housing; increased participation by minorities or women in the profession; access for persons with disabilities; literacy.


Individuals and organizations are eligible for this award and may enter themselves for consideration OR be nominated by an AIA member, group of members or component. If you would like to nominate a candidate, send their name, email address, and phone number to and they will be notified of their nomination.

Submittal Deadline

All entries must be received by Friday, October 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

Entry Requirements

All entries are submitted electronically. You may design your entry using any software of your choice (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), but must be saved as a single .PDF file.

Each .PDF must be no longer than 11 pages, including a candidate identification form.
The entry should be in the following order:

Page 1: Candidate Identification Form including: Candidate/Organization Name, physical address, contact person’s name, contact person’s email address, phone number

Page 2: One-page nomination letter (if applicable) by the AIA member, group of members or component that summarizes the contributions made.

Pages 3-11:

  • A biography of the nominee, including a list of offices, positions, honors, publications, and presentations that may relate to the purpose of the award
  • A statement of contributions specifically identifying how the nominee’s achievements have contributed significantly to the architectural profession
  • Supporting materials, including articles, photographs, clippings that illustrate and support the nominations
  • No more than five pages of support that are explicit in their recommendation and contain specific reasons for support (the one page letter is to be written on company letterhead containing an original or electronic signature)


  1. Use a typeface that is large enough and easy to read on computer screens such as Arial, Helvetica or Verdana (10 point minimum, no serifs). Do not use overly decorative typefaces.
  2. Do not use high resolution photos that will increase your file size. Each entry may not exceed 10MB AND 11 pages. Entries exceeding these guidelines will be disqualified.
  3. Use file types that allow compression to keep the file sizes low, such as jpg or png images and avoid using tif files. Suggested image resolution is 125 to 150 DPI.

File Naming

It is important that you name and prepare your file correctly! This will ensure there are no categorization errors when received by the AIACC.

When you have completed your entry and identification forms, be sure to properly name the final file with the award name and candidate or organization’s name, for example:

Sklarek_JoeSmith.pdf or Sklarek_HabitatforHumanity.pdf

How to Submit
Send completed entry PDFs via email to using a file-sharing service such as or

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