As you peruse the list of the 22 California architects elevated to the 2020 College of Fellows, we ask that you remember the long, arduous road to even arrive at this place of investiture. It means recognition for hard work and contributions not only to the profession but to society at large.

We are honored and humbled to share this list with the members as well as the public. To be named as a Fellow speaks volumes about the accomplishments and dedication to the world at large through the field of architecture. 

Javier Arizmendi, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Practicing on a global scale,
he combines contemporary
technical knowledge with
an extraordinary diversity of
regional building traditions
to achieve genuinely
innovative architecture.

Barbara Flammang, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Fundamentally changing
downtown Los Angeles,
leading her firm’s
transformative work in the
City’s historic core. Her
enlightened management
practices have tenaciously
advanced equity, diversity
and inclusivity for nearly 40
Avi O. Grigorescu

Avi O. Grigorescu, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Determined to improve the way people experience hospitals, he has masterfully altered the development, design and construction of medical facilities, to provide an instant positive reality for patients, doctors, nurses, and surrounding community.
Eric Hass

Eric Haas, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Infusing faded structures with fresh vitality, through astute programming and rejuvenated, enriched architecture he effects transformational change in the lives of buildings and communities.

Kristi W. Hanson, FAIA
AIA California Desert

Advocacy and leadership to revitalize NDSU’s architectural program, mentors graduates’ success in practice, and ensures the program’s resiliency for the future, redefining the role of architectural program alumnus into an agent for change and progress.

Sarah Meeker Jensen, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Cross trained as an architect, business administrator and contractor, Sarah Jensen has forged a new, nationally recognized model for facility planning and design practice while envisioning the healthcare system of the future.

John E. Kaliski, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

An urban design leader
whose writings, teaching,
public and private
practice, service, and civic
engagement advance
participatory design
practices locally, nationally,
and internationally while
elevating communitybased
design to transform
Southern California cities.

Calvin Kam, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

A visionary, educator and entrepreneur — who promotes and advances industry transformation — optimizing value, quality and resiliency of the built environment through research, education, policy, implementation and technology development.

Kang S. Kiang, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Elevates the art and science of architectural practice though technical innovation and design research – supporting this mission through his
role in management, his passion for multidisciplinary collaboration, and his investment in mentorship.

Karin J. Liljegren, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Elevating the architect’s
role in urban revitalization,
Karin has led citywide policy innovations, strengthened
industry expertise and
empowered community
growth thus creating a
nationally applicable model
for adaptive reuse.
Yu-Ngok Lo

Yu-Ngok Lo, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Inspires and advocates
for immigrant architects,
advances the Institute’s
Call to Diversity, gives our
members overseas a voice in
the profession, and educates
emerging professionals
and students through his
leadership and journalism.

Neal S. Matsuno, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Through evidence based practice, his work demonstrates the positive
impact of design of the built environment on people’s lives. Collaborating with leading social scientists, he leads a holistic project approach to sustainability, health, wellness, diversity and inclusion.

Alix W. O’Brien, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

A leader in design
management and project
delivery who has profoundly
shaped kindergarten
through college educational
environments with a client’s
strategic vision for planning
and design excellence.

Mark B. Quattrocchi, FAIA
AIA Redwood Empire

Passionate for designing
educational environments.
For over 30-years of
creating spaces where
children and young adults
learn, he has contributed
immensely to society by
lifting up students and
supporting those who teach

Neal J. Z. Schwartz, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Distinguished career in teaching, policy and practice is imbued with the ethos of the educator, one who leads by example and imagines the world not as it is, but how it might be.

Vijay Sehgal, FAIA
AIA Pasadena Foothill

In the urgent, hardscrabble world of affordable housing, he provides a strong footing for these special communities. Tenacious and unapologetically ethical, he has unceasingly identified opportunities, overcome constraints, and designed healthy, welcoming, sustainable places.

Roger Sherman, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Thought leader, author, and teacher, his work in urban
resilience, housing, and public space, has had an enormous impact on raising architects’ consciousness regarding the city.

James E. Silcott, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Dedicated to diversifying
the practice has made him
the the largest individual
donor to African American
architecture students in the United States. He saw a need and filled it in a direct and effective way and what he has made possible will continue to influence the future of the profession.

Pauline M. Souza, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Architecture is an act of
education. She manifests
this mission as an advocate, a practitioner, and an industry leader. Through work with communities, clients, and colleagues, she creates a healthy, sustainable future by design.

Warren A. Techentin, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Leveraging his expertise in multi-family housing, digital design, and environmentally responsible urbanism, he is a design leader integrating urban strategies into architectural form to connect buildings
more intensively with people, communities, and sites.

Mario J. Violich, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

By weaving building,
landscape and city into
dynamic open urban
compositions, Mario shapes campus plans that bridge higher education and urban design and revitalize the public realm for diverse communities.

Christopher S. Wasney, FAIA
AIA Santa Clara Valley

His sensitive responses to
academic architecture establish clarity and integrity while accommodating modern needs and innovative pedagogies. Operating within world-renowned campuses, Chris expands design and adaptive reuse strategies, resulting in award-winning and influential projects.
AIA California
AIA California
Celebrating over 75 years of service, the AIA California actively promotes the value of design and advocates for the architectural profession. AIA CA is an association of 11,000 dedicated and passionate members who share a commitment to design excellence and livability in California’s natural and built environments.

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