As you peruse the list of the 18 California architects elevated to the 2021 College of Fellows, we ask that you remember the long, arduous road to even arrive at this place of investiture. It means recognition for hard work and contributions not only to the profession but to society at large.

We are honored and humbled to share this list with the members as well as the public. To be named as a Fellow speaks volumes about the accomplishments and dedication to the world at large through the field of architecture. 

Joshua Aidlin, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Joshua Aidlin’s transdisciplinary practice centers around multisensory experiences, engaging our visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory senses. His rigorous design process, deeply sensitive to site and steeped in craftsmanship, yields biophilic environments that enliven the spirit.

Robert E Anderson, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Rob Anderson’s revitalization strategies foster the transformation of existing neighborhoods through collaboration among designers, developers, and civic and community leaders, fostering the adaptability and resilience of prosperous, healthy, and livable communities.

Philip John Bona, FAIA
AIA San Diego

In four decades of continuous AIA service, Philip Bona has inspired the Institute, its members and society. His effective leadership and advocacy shaped professional and public knowledge of critical issues affecting society and the environment.

Mina Mei-Szu Chow, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Through her film-making, public scholarship, and interdisciplinary teaching, Mina Chow communicates important underlying relationships between design and culture. Her original outreach expands architectural education to new audiences by advancing understanding of design and the profession.

Deborah J. Cooper, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Deborah Cooper’s designs for historic properties create layered, contemporary places of great vitality for users, visitors, and communities. She advances the profession through creative adaptation, care for context, cutting-edge sustainable and technological solutions, and education.

Heidi Creighton, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Heidi Creighton’s collaborative, human-centric practice champions environmental performance, health, and social equity. Through inclusive building design, progressive master planning, and persuasive advocacy, she has redefned human wellbeing as a broad and urgent societal mandate.

Arthur Dyson, FAIA
AIA San Joaquin

Arthur Dyson, AIA, is dedicated to the design of life fulfilling architecture. Through the discovery of unified momentum within material circumstances and psychological potentials, Dyson renders architectural solutions that nurture an equanimous belonging to place.

John G. Ellis, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

John G. Ellis is an architect, urban designer and university lecturer whose career has made a significant contribution to the profession through award-winning projects with a focus on urban repair and place-making.

Keith Hempel, FAIA
AIA Long Beach/South Bay

Keith Hempel has devoted his career to developing and sharing an integrated model for sustainable design, systematically achieving high performance and design excellence, regardless of budget, program, or size constraints.

Brad Jacobson, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Brad Jacobson is trailblazing the path to a climate positive built environment. He harnasses the power of integrated design to create inspirational buildings and transfers knowledge to speed adoption on a global level.

Grant Kirkpatrick, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Grant Kirkpatrick’s work elevates the continuum of modern residential architecture by knitting together a gracious conversation between form, craft, and nature to create architectural heirlooms that elevate the experience of home.

Evelyn M. Lee, FAIA
AIA San Francisco

Evelyn Lee is a consummate advocate for the future of architecture both within the profession and to the public. Her leadership promotes knowledge that architects, emerging and seasoned, use to excel in a changing world.

William J. Melby, FAIA
AIA Golden Empire

William Melby champions the overlooked and the overwhelmed, finding ways of turning small, unstaffed or unguided AIA components into robust platforms for advocacy, talent development, professional education, and community service.

Aaron Neubert, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Aaron Neubert’s sensitively sited and meticulously detailed architecture orchestrates poetic relationships between landscape, light, and materiality, resulting in beautifully crafted spaces that amplify the human experience and advance stewardship of the natural environment.

Stephen John Phillips, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Through his innovative integration of design research, professional practice, and community leadership — Stephen Phillips, Founding Director of the Cal Poly Los Angeles Metropolitan Program in Architecture and Urban Design has profoundly impacted design education.

John R. Sheehan, FAIA
AIA San Diego

John Sheehan’s career has focused on producing thoughtful, sustainable, and life-affirming places for communities historically under served by the profession. Fueled by an optimistic pragmatism – his work has wrested the exemplary from the unlikely.

James Simeo, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

James Simeo creates benchmark science and technology facilities that crack open traditional hierarchies to foster diversity and collaboration in adaptable, interactive and transdisciplinary spaces using a uniquely inclusive programming process and integrated, cooperative project delivery.

Douglas Teiger, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles

Douglas Teiger’s advocacy for humanistic business models fuels his service in AIA chapters and outreach to members. He drives diversity while empowering others to rethink business models and find balance and profitability in design practice.

Brian Lane, FAIA

Brian Lane demonstrates that design propels social benefit. His pursuit of regulatory reform amplifies the impact: accelerating production of affordable housing, adding value to preservation efforts, and raising the design benchmark for neighborhood buildings.

AIA California
AIA California
Celebrating over 75 years of service, the AIA California actively promotes the value of design and advocates for the architectural profession. AIA CA is an association of 11,000 dedicated and passionate members who share a commitment to design excellence and livability in California’s natural and built environments.

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