2022 New Fellow Roundup|

Michael T. Roush, FAIA

AIA San Diego
UC San Diego Capital Program Management

Michael Roush creates analytical models and organizational frameworks for higher education capital programs, that elevate the delivery of public institution projects through transformative project management, operationalized processes, and predicted outcomes.

Fellows Feature Questions:
  1. Why did you apply for fellowship?
    I had been thinking about applying for a few years but finding the time to assemble the submission was always difficult. Working from home during the pandemic proved to be the catalyst. Without my daily commute I found the extra time and decided to start the process. It was rewarding in that it brought clarity to my career path by connecting the dots.
  1. Where were you when you got the news you received it?
    I was in speaking in a Zoom meeting when I saw the email notification off to the side of my screen. It was very hard to concentrate from that point forward. I had to apologize several times for losing my train of thought.

  2. How did you celebrate?
    We had a nice bottle of wine…which is how we celebrate most things. I received the news on a Friday, so there may have been more than one celebration that weekend!

  3. What’s your one piece of advice for those applying, or thinking of applying?
    Seek the advice of others who know you professionally. They often provide insight to your career path that you have not yet uncovered. Oh…and save everything you do in an organized system. You will spend a lot less time looking for things. I spent a lot of my time looking for things.

  4. What’s is your most favorite project you have worked on within your career?
    That would have to be the Jacobs Medical Center here at UC San Diego. It was a massive project that lasted close to ten years from beginning to end. There were highs and lows along the way, but the team was incredible.

  5. Who has inspired you most within your career?
    That’s a difficult question to answer. There were so many people who mentored and inspired me along the way that it would not be fair to name only one or two.
AIA California
AIA California
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