As you peruse the list of the 12 California architects elevated to the 2022 College of Fellows, we ask that you remember the long, arduous road to even arrive at this place of investiture. It means recognition for hard work and contributions not only to the profession but to society at large.

We are honored and humbled to share this list with the members as well as the public. To be named as a Fellow speaks volumes about the accomplishments and dedication to the world at large through the field of architecture. 

David T. Darling, FAIA
AIA San Francisco
Based on optimism, David Darling’s multi-disciplinary practice has pursued the notion that architecture can improve the human condition by engaging all the senses, and by uncovering the latent potential in ordinary places, things, and people.
David J. Frey, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
David Frey’s contributions to education and training, and his strategic leadership on technical standards and management tools, elevate the performance of architects around the globe.
Keelan P. Kaiser, FAIA
AIA Inland California
Through sustained academic dedication, Keelan Kaiser is improving architecture education by leading and collaborating in the AIA, ACSA, and NAAB, developing innovative holistic architecture programs and pathways to practice, and thoughtfully integrating practice with education.
Roger K. Leib, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
Applying holistic architectural strategies, Roger Leib impacts healthcare and patient recovery by transforming inpatient care, improving applicable national codes, and designing transformative products, each effecting profound therapeutic impact on improving health and wellness of society.
Britt Lindberg, FAIA
AIA Silicon Valley
As an AIA leader, Britt Lindberg advances the impact of design through enhancing institutional outreach and communications; prioritizing climate action, equity and forward-looking perspective; and creating innovative knowledge resources for members and the public.
Sam Edward Nunes, FAIA
AIA San Francisco
Sam Nunes, AIA, successfully developed and implemented a non-hierarchical sociocratic governance structure that empowers and synthesizes diverse interests toward common purpose, a creative management model that enhances impact and ensures resiliency in architectural practice.
Anthony C. Poon, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
Anthony Poon—architect, author, musician, and artist—juxtaposes discipline and improvisation to create transformative architecture and re-imagine social engagement. His cost-effective designs, a new exemplar for the profession, assert that good design belongs to everyone.
Steven H. Rajninger, FAIA
AIA San Francisco
Steven Rajninger has designed and cultivated a dual body of mission-driven work: Jewish sacred spaces which stir spirituality, ancient narratives and interpretation; and supportive housing celebrating individuals and the collective within an inclusive community.
Michael T. Roush, FAIA
AIA San Diego
Michael Roush creates analytical models and organizational frameworks for higher education capital programs, that elevate the delivery of public institution projects through transformative project management, operationalized processes, and predicted outcomes.
Michael J. Smith, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
Michael Smith developed, refined, and sustained a unique, independently branded design studio within a large architectural firm, that strategically combined attributes of both to advance the profession and create a new practice typology.
Tania L. Van Herle, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
An exemplary architect, generous mentor, and change agent, Tania Van Herle creates nurturing, sustainable learning environments while challenging the status quo in both practice and leadership, eliminating barriers and improving our shared quality of life.
James W. Woolum, FAIA
AIA Los Angeles
James Woolum designs for significant organizational and cultural change, promoting transformative human experiences through well-crafted environments to enhance wellbeing and performance, encourage personal connections and community, and bring renewed purpose to under-valued buildings and spaces.
AIA California
AIA California
AIA California is dedicated to serving its members, and uniting all architecture professionals in the design of a more just, equitable and resilient future through advocacy, education and political action. It celebrates more than 75 years of service and, today, is composed of more than 11,000 members across the state.

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