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  1. When did you decide to become an architect?
    I have always enjoyed drawing. I started thinking about architecture in junior high school. In high school I tailored my studies to get into architecture school and took all of the drafting classes that were offered.  When I got to college I discovered that Architecture was so much more than I had imagined and I was hooked.
  2. If you weren’t an architect, you would be …
    I would probably be on the production side of the music business.  I enjoy music very much and enjoy opportunities to be creative and to collaborate with creative people.  That creative collaboration is what still inspires me about architecture.
  3. What did you listen to on this morning’s commute?
    A jazz guitar mix on my ipod. Yes, I still have one.  The mix is pretty wide ranging, from classic, to smooth, to some pretty edgy stuff.
  4. Coffee or tea?
    It may be because I live in Bakersfield but I am an ice tea junkie.  I have a glass of ice tea beside me all day.
  5. Why are you serving on the Planning & Finance Committee?
    I believe that the real work of AIA gets done at the committee level.  The Planning & Finance Committee along with the Excom plays a critical role in helping to guide the direction of the organization.  I have been very impressed with the incredible people I have gotten to work with on that committee.  We make some very hard decisions about what programs are promoted and funded by AIA California and what is placed in the “parking lot” for future consideration.  Hopefully I have made a positive difference in the future of AIA California.  I know that I have grown personally in my understanding of this profession and how it interacts with society at large.
  6. One place you want to visit from your bucket list:
    I would love to see any of the architectural wonders we all dream about seeing but I try to take life as it comes.  I have been very pleasantly surprised by the places fate took me that I never intended to visit.  Some, like New Orleans after Katrina, were certainly not fun, but they provided experiences that are priceless.


AIA California
AIA California
Celebrating over 75 years of service, the AIA California actively promotes the value of design and advocates for the architectural profession. AIA CA is an association of 11,000 dedicated and passionate members who share a commitment to design excellence and livability in California’s natural and built environments.

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