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5 Minutes with… Mark Jensen, FAIA

  • Introduce yourself – who you are, where do you work, position, practice type
    I am the founding Principal at Jensen Architects in San Francisco. Our office does so many different types of projects I can’t keep track. When people ask me what kind of work we do I say “one of each”. Keeps us thinking creatively and critically with every new opportunity, without relying too much on default preferences.
  • Design matters – how do you communicate the value of design to your clients? (in just a few sentences)
    We are very fortunate in that the majority of our clients have some connection to art, design, technology or other interesting pursuits. So they already understand the value of design and are predisposed to our thinking expansively about possibilities. My favorite clients are those who have a strong point of view, are not prescriptive, and become real creative collaborators in the process.
  • What inspires you? -artist, music, favorite building, where? (bonus points if you shoot this on location!)
    Traveling (just getting on a plane puts me in a different mindset). Also taking a walk during the work day (necessary for the brain’s capacity to do deep work).
  • Why do you love the Monterey Design Conference (MDC)?
    Finding sand in my shoes the week after. Beautiful scenery, beautiful work, beautiful conversations with beautiful people.

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AIA California
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