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If you missed the August 18 presentation by AIA Minnesota: Culture Change Initiative, we have it here pre-recorded. Also available is the pdf.

In the meantime, check out some insights from fellow architects who watched the webinar:

  • This program presents EDI studies from a very academic perspective, including a thorough and easy-to-follow explanation of systems theory.  This is incredibly important to understand and seems to be missing from many of the other EDI discussions.
  • The research efforts started in 2018 with the #MeToo movement and continued as additional forces compounded the need for system change.  With the addition of social justice unrest, climate change crisis, and covid, we are currently in a moment of destabilization that lends itself to the change we’re seeking.
  • AIA Minnesota’s work helps to explain why focusing most of our actions on diversifying the pipeline will not yield the results we seek.  By describing the many leverage points in a system, we can see that focusing on who is entering the system requires the greatest effort and yields minimal change.  While this may be discouraging, it illuminates many more opportunities for interventions that could produce better outcomes.  
  • While delivered with ease and infographics, it’s likely a program you’ll want to watch more than once.  These are actually complex concepts that will require passion and commitment to tend to, as it asks that we face our own fixed mindsets and look to unroot old habits that do not promote equitable outcomes. 
  • I liked how they created a new definition of AEC as Authentic/Equitable/Collaborative, for a desired culture that corresponds with the typical reference to Architect/Engineer/Contractor.  While these were identified in their survey of Minnesota architects, it’s likely a survey of all 50 states would come up with similar results (particularly avoiding conflict instead of encouraging openness and equating candor with rudeness).
  • To change the culture, focus on growing self-awareness of existing mindsets and determine desired mindsets to spot existing patterns in order to identify where to focus growth.  There’s the practical diagnostic tools as well as being conscious of the ways of seeing and developing the underlying philosophy. 

To see the PDF version of this presentation, click here.

To learn more about accelerating & hindering mindsets, click here. 

To get involved and learn more about AIA Minnesota’s Community of Practice, click here.

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