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In response to President Donald Trump’s decision to remove the USA from the Paris Agreement the AIACC has sent a letter to President Trump expressing its disagreement with the decision, and letters to US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris urging them to continue fighting for policies that protect our environment and climate and offering the assistance of the AIA California Council.

Here is the letter to President Trump.

Here are the letters to Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris.

The AIACC letters follow the release of statements from the AIA and the International Union of Architects.

The president’s decision to withdraw from the agreement will have no effect on California’s renewable energy and green building laws.  California is a world leader with its laws, which include:

  • Phasing out energy generated from coal that is sold in California.
  • Increasing percentage of energy sold in California that comes from clean, renewable sources.
    • 25% by December, 2016
    • 33% by December, 2020
    • 40% by December, 2024
    • 50% by December, 2030
  • A Zero Net Energy Requirement for new residential buildings beginning in 2020.
  • A Zero Net Energy Requirement for new commercial buildings beginning in 2030.
  • Incentives to install solar on housing.

Also, California’s Governor Jerry Brown just yesterday signed a climate agreement yesterday with China.

California will remain a leader in the fight to protect our environment and climate.  There is no realistic effort in California to soften these requirements.  The AIACC will continue to support and advocate for policies that promote sustainability in the built environment.

For more information, contact Mark Christian, Hon. AIACC, our Director of Legislative Affairs, at 916-642-1708 or


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