The Architect Member of the Academy of Emerging Professionals (AEP), as a licensed professional with personal experience as a practicing architect gained over time and through service in various capacities to the profession both locally and statewide, serves as a resource to the Academy over a three year term following appointment by the AIACC Board of Directors.  The Architect member position is funded to attend occasional meetings throughout each year of service in an advisory capacity to listen and assist in guiding and directing the actions, duties and responsibilities as set forth within the mandate of the Academy.

The Architect Member shall be a licensed professional, in good standing, who has previously completed their term of service on the AIACC Board of Directors and has, through such service, become generally familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the Academy of Emerging Professionals in the context of the Board.  An individual who desires to serve in the role of the Architect Member of the Academy shall be generally familiar with the activities of and committed to addressing the specific challenges and concerns of emerging professionals which includes: students currently enrolled in a program that leads to a professional degree, AIA Associate Members who are graduates of a professional degree program, and AIA Members of the Young Architects Forum (YAF) who have within the recent past, completed their professional licensing requirements under the California Architects Board (CAB).

Attendance and participation shall annually consist of face to face meetings with members of the Academy’s Council of Advisors at various locations, both north and south, as well as regularly scheduled conference calls during months when meetings are not scheduled.

Through such interaction, the Architect Member shall provide such guidance and advice based upon previous experience as gained over time through active involvement in the practice of Architecture as appropriate and relevant in addressing the issues which face emerging professionals in the current academic, office practice and culturally related environments of the times.  Current participation in the Architect Member’s local AIA Chapter’s activities involving emerging professionals is strongly encouraged and is viewed as being of significant benefit in gaining a proper perspective and understanding when called upon to address both present issues and future challenges facing this representative group.

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