A great way to enjoy great architecture is to stay overnight. AIACC.org begins its listing of architecturally distinctive lodgings with the National Trust’s Historic Hotels of America. We welcome your suggestions of other lodgings worth exploring with an eye to the architecture; please send them to the editor at tim@culvahouse.net.

Historic Hotels of America

A program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation®, Historic Hotels of America® identifies quality hotels that have faithfully maintained their historic integrity, architecture and ambiance. Historic Hotels of America preserves the authenticity of America’s most prominent lodging addresses and offer visitors a remarkable travel experience to savor, celebrate and share. Click here for a list of Historic Hotels of America in California.


Here, we highlight restaurants, cafes, and bars of architectural distinction. (We make no claims about the distinction of the provender!) We welcome suggestions from AIA members, other architects, and the public; please send them to the editor at tim@culvahouse.net. For our first batch of recommendations, we turn to the winners of the AIA Los Angeles Restaurant Design Awards.

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