California is a busy zone in the Blogosphere. Here are some of our favorite California-based or –leaning architecture and design sites. We will add others on a regular basis, and we welcome your suggestions to the editor,

“Combining timeliness with authority, The Architect’s Newspaper is the most comprehensive source of information on the latest projects and commissions, unfolding politics and debate, and cultural developments related to architecture, with national coverage by way of three broadly regional editions—East, West, and Midwest.” Other blogs of national scope with roots or tendrils in California include BldgBlog, Dwell, GOOD, and Planetizen.

The Architects’ Take features “thoughtful interviews with talented contemporary architects to discover why they create the designs they do, the thinking behind their work, how they got to where they are today, and what makes them tick.”

Baffled by hues and shades and tints? Check out Life in Color.

The author of Design Faith writes, in his initial blog post (30 September 2008), “Architecture and design gave me a visceral thrill that propelled my imagination beyond our dull ranch house and our claustrophobic, fearful family life. Frank Lloyd Wright’s seemingly infinite circular museum and [Gordon] Bunshaft’s clear, light-filled travertine-covered rectangle planted the seeds of hope, and hope may be the beginning of faith.”

California is blessed with two architecture and design radio shows, DnA, on KCRW-FM, Los Angeles; and 99% Invisible, on KALW-FM, San Francisco.

Eye on Design only infrequently promotes the wares of its host,, instead “broadly cover[ing] home design, from new products to the design process.”

Who could pass up a blog called Gelatobaby, the musings of “a writer, a gelato-eater, and a walker in LA?”

Hypothetical Passerby chronicles the observations of a photographer who is also a “user, citizen, loiterer, guinea pig, measuring stick, protagonist, troublemaker, holder of collective possessions, dot connector, [and] dude on the median.”

Modern San Diego is a blog that is also an extensive archive of San Diego architects and architecture.

Places is not, strictly speaking, a blog, but an open-access journal that “publishes peer-reviewed scholarship as well as topical commentary, observations, reviews and visual portfolios,” motivated by a “focus on ‘public spaces in the service of shared and egalitarian ideals of society’ and . . . ‘the highest standards of public responsibility and design.’”

The editors of Remodelista describe themselves as “a group of friends who share eerily similar design sensibilities . . . . We wake up in the middle of the night to bid on Thonet dining chairs; we page through stacks of design magazines every month . . . . When we need to make a daunting investment decision (ever bought a couch?), we research it to the ends of the earth.”

TraceSF is “an online journal that critically explores San Francisco Bay Area design, culture, and urbanism . . . featuring contributions in different media from a diverse group of designers, artists, photographers, and thinkers.”

WRNS Studio is a San Francisco-based architecture firm whose blog is not just about itself. The same is true of Studio E Architects of San Diego.

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