The AIA California Council elects an Associate Director every year alternating between the North and South, and being responsible for the Chapters located within that geographic area.  Each elected Associate Director serves their first year in an advisory capacity only, ultimately sitting on the AIACC Board of Directors during their second year.  During both years, the Associate Director is funded to attend all meetings of the AIACC AEP including regional forums.  During his/her second year, the Associate Director is funded to attend all meetings of the AIACC Board of Directors and holds a voting position on this board.

Associate Directors also serve on the AIACC Academy for Emerging Professionals – Council of Advisors. Associate Directors must be Associate Members in good standing of the AIA when they are elected.  An Associate Director who becomes licensed during his or her term of office may complete his/her full elected term.

AIACC Associate Directors are the direct link between the state organization and the chapter Associate Directors. They represent Associate Member interests on the state Board of Directors and distribute information to and solicit opinions from the chapter Associate membership through the local EP Directors.

In addition, the associate directors are charged with maintaining the AEP Website used for information sharing, event planning, and communications.  Files must be kept up to date and posted information must be coordinated and mediated.

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