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The Legislature returns next week from its Summer Recess, and it has four weeks to complete its business for the year.  There are hundreds of bills still alive and the Legislature must decide whether to pass, defeat, or hold them until next year.

Among the remaining bills are two of great interest to AIA California: AB 1010 and AB 830.

AB 1010 (Berman) is the AIA California sponsored bill to require California architects to complete 5-hours of continuing education in Zero Net Carbon Design in order to renew their license.  This continuing education will help prepare architects for expected changes in building codes and standards, and position architects as leaders in ZNC design.  AB 1010 has passed all of its committee hearings in the State Assembly and State Senate, and awaits votes on the floors of the State Senate and State Assembly before going to the Governor.

AB 830 (Flora) is an omnibus bill of the Assembly Business & Professions Committee and contains language making several changes to the law, including language added on June 28th suggested by AIA California.  This language restores naming freedom to newly formed architectural general stock corporations.  Until the Fall of 2019, newly formed architectural general stock corporations had many choices on how they could be named.  The corporation could have names such as ACME Architects, ACME Design Group, Smith Jones Design Group, or Smith Jones Architects.  In the Fall of 2019, the Secretary of State began rejecting the formation of new architectural general stock corporations with names that included both the last name of individuals and any variation of the “A” word.  Thus, filings for new architectural general stock corporations with names such as Smith Architects or Smith Jones Architecture were being rejected.

The Secretary of State’s office told AIA California that they began to interpret existing law in a way that does not allow those types of to be named in such a manner.

Because the naming of these firms does not impact consumer protection, and there are many existing architectural general stock corporations that could be impacted by this new interpretation of the law by the Secretary of State’s office, AIA California worked with the attorneys in private practice, staff at the CA Architects Board, and attorneys with the Legislative Counsel to prepare language to restore freedom in how these types of firms can be named.

We are pleased to report that language has been amended into AB 830, and we are hopeful it will be successful and the naming freedom will be restored on January 1, 2022.

AIA California
AIA California
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