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Date/time: Thursday, December 16, 2021 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PST

This is the first in a series of sessions on the Building Decarbonization Practice Guide. The Guide is a tool to accelerate change towards a fully decarbonized future for the built environment and is a project of the William J. Worthen Foundation. It is an expert created, free compendium of practical, case study-based guidance, an up-to-date reference tool that design professionals (architects, engineers, contractors, and others) as well as developers, funders, and policymakers can apply now.

Decarbonization of the “built environment” is a term that has become part of our common lexicon only in the past three years. In this period, our industry has accelerated the discussion of achieving a carbon neutral future for new and existing buildings. California has been a leader in this discussion as a result of legislative action in 2018, which set our State on a course towards a fully decarbonized electrical grid by 2045. As a result, we now have a sensible and practical path to decarbonize buildings through electrification, low carbon material selection, and net-positive renewable energy production. The William J Worthen Foundation has developed “The Building Decarbonization Practice Guide: A Zero Carbon Future for the Built Environment” in order to help the entire community of built environment stakeholders understand how to embrace the new design paradigm.

The first three of a planned seven volumes of the Guide were recently released. Volumes 1-3 cover: Volume I – Introduction, Volume II – Universal Design, Construction and Operations Phase Considerations, and Volume III – Multifamily Residential, Hotels | Motels and Similar Buildings.

(Watching video recordings of past webinars does not give the opportunity to receive any AIA LUs / CE credit.)
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