In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic come today’s stark reality, and a dramatic shift from commercial office space to the shelter-at-home live/work paradigm. With many companies hedging and slow to reopening, they’ve encouraged their educated workforce to telecommute from home, leaving office buildings abandoned and unoccupied. And many of these workers have successfully adapted to balancing the challenges of work and family life. The irony; when a home doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to a company’s workplace location, the three-decades old jobs/housing imbalance, overnight, has ended in the zombie/office apocalypse. Learn how Live/Work will permanently transform our physical urban and suburban communities.

Ric. Abramson, FAIA
Tom Dolan
Geoff Morgan
Jonathan Segal, FAIA
Adrianne Steichen, AIA – Moderator

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