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AIA California signed onto a coalition letter supporting the California Energy Commission’s decision to continue improving Title 24.  There are some groups who oppose the proposed changes to Title 24 and seek to delay these changes to the next building code cycle.  The coalition letter supports the direction the CEC is taking and encourages it to continue on this path.

In late February, the Energy Commission (CEC) released their pre-rulemaking draft language for the 2022 Title 24 Building Code. This became one of the final few opportunities to comment on draft language before the code proposal becomes less malleable.

The most recent draft includes substantial improvements from previous Title 24 pre-rulemaking proposals to encourage all-electric construction, including:

  • Updated space and water heating electric baselines that will require at least 1 electric appliance in each climate zone (and generally the bigger of the space and water heating appliances in most of the high-construction zones)
  • All-electric readiness measures for space heating, water heating, stoves, and dryers
  • Differentiated range hood ventilation requirements for gas and electric stoves for both residential and multifamily construction
  • Electric heat pump space and water heating baselines in schools

CEC’s proposal provides meaningful incentives for electrification which should result in most of the market transition to all-electric over the next code period, while giving builders flexibility to transition at their own pace.

Click here to view the letter.

AIA California
AIA California
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