AIA government and political advocacy is about advancing the Institute’s core values through the engagement of local, state and national policymakers which cannot happen without participation by its members.

The AIA CA Chapter Advocacy Liaisons are effective by monitoring and reporting policy issues relevant to his/her chapter, receiving news and information from AIA CA  and dispersing it to chapter members, helping to coordinate local advocacy initiatives, and providing feedback on how AIA CA can better serve chapters on advocacy issues.

The goal of the AIA CA Advocacy Liaison Network is to assist AIA CA’s efforts to impact the political landscape by improving the built environment at a grassroots’ and local level. Besides supplementing the advocacy work in Sacramento, the  Chapter Advocacy Liaison Network continues to spread the word about how architecture can greatly impact the community at large for the better.

The following are the individuals named by participating chapters as the AIA CA Advocacy Liaison.

Contact Melissa Barton for questions or changes:

The Only Architect in the RoomChapter Advocacy Guidebook

American Institute of Architects California has assembled a guidebook to help architects become more involved at different levels of their local and state government. Filled with case studies, testimonials, directories and step-by-step instruction on how to transition from an interested observer of local politics to an active participant in the decision-making process, this guidebook helps you bring your extensive experience, practical skills and powerful voice to the table so that, as the only architect in the room, you’re heard!

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