As architects and design professionals, we—AIA California—declared a climate emergency in 2021.

we said:

We have the responsibility to act as stewards of our planet.

The current impacts of drought, flood, wildfire, record-breaking heat waves, and biodiversity loss are only a prelude to the climate catastrophe that awaits if we don’t take immediate, urgent action.

We said we would.


Given that buildings create 40% of carbon emissions we have a duty to act.

But also by acting we can change the course.

That decreasing energy usage was just a start.

We had to take on embodied carbon—meaning greenhouse gas emissions generated by the design and building process by building materials.

That climate justice is a right.

Californians with low incomes, and communities of color experience the greatest impacts of climate injustice. And that all Californians need affordable, healthy, zero-carbon housing, now more than ever.


To reverse and mitigate the climate crisis
We have a responsibility to use our expertise to share data, strategies, tactics.

American Institute of
Architects California
1931 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Climate Action Contact:
Sarah Vasquez

Our vision is to harness the transformative power of architecture and design to address the greatest economic, environmental and social challenges of our time.

We are composed of more than 11,000 architects and design professionals across California.

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