“Good design conserves and improves the quality of water as a precious resource.” AIA Framework for Design Excellence

Storm Water as a Site Design Element

July 28, 2021 | 12:00pm-1:00pm PT

Mark Kenyon, Executive Director, North East Trees
Jamie Chen, Landscape Architect
George Ballteria, Program Manager

Storm water onsite integration using nature-based infrastructure.

Regulations now established under the Federal Clean Water Act and the California Water Code requires regulated municipalities and industries to obtain a Storm Water Permit. Compliance with onsite Storm Water Regulations is now more comprehensive, using storm water as a resource. Newer low impact development and green infrastructure techniques are now capitalizing on opportunities to capture storm water runoff and use it for local landscape and irrigation, and groundwater recharge.

It’s not just about pipes and cisterns; compliance with Site Water Disposal Requirements represents an opportunity to expand green infrastructure in ways that use plants and pervious surfaces to actually absorb carbon. The expansion of natural features and landscape to remove the hard surfaces is a means of creating more public and private GREEN spaces in our urban landscape to help combat the “heat island” effect of extensive paving and hard surfaces.

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