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The Balanced Design Approach to Fire Safety

Structure fires and wildfires result in significant loss of life and property in the United States each year. In addition to the direct losses of fighting fires, relocating residents and rebuilding, large fire events can cause substantial indirect losses to communities. There has been an increase in single family and multifamily structure fire losses, partly due to increased use of combustible construction methods. This presentation will investigate the causes of these fires and provide balanced design recommendations using both active and passive fire protection strategies. It will suggest several noncombustible concrete building systems to help reduce risk of fire loss in buildings.

Instructor: Shamim Rashid-Sumar, PE, FSFPE

Click here to view the Power Point presentation in PDF format.

Concrete Innovations

Concrete is the material of choice for the tallest buildings in the world and infrastructure designed to last centuries. To meet demands for these cutting-edge projects, concrete must be stronger, more durable and more workable than ever before. This presentation explores how new products, manufacturing methods and research are developing innovative concretes to meet these new challenges. Bendable concrete, smog eating concrete and carbon capture are just a few examples of new technologies enhancing a product that is nearly 5,000 years in development.


  • Lionel Lemay, PE, SE, LEED AP, Executive Vice President/Division Head, Structures and Sustainability, NRMCA
  • Donn Thompson AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Director, Building Innovations, NRMCA


Click here to view the Power Point presentation in PDF format.

Learn more about the top 10 ways to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint.

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