Hello there. Welcome to the page we created specifically to help you understand the complexities of creating your built environment. When it comes to this topic, let us help you navigate through the seemingly countless issues that can surround any project. Pull up a seat. Grab your coffee, tea or sparkling water. Peruse the small library we’ve laid out with you specifically in mind. Wade through the various additional resources provided as we are more than aware the AIA CA is not your only source (just your only stop. See? It’s all about convenience here). Here’s to a great relationship. And remember, design doesn’t add value, it multiplies it.

  1. The Architect and the Entitlement Process
  2. The Architect and Real Estate Development
  3. An Emerging Model: Integrated Project Delivery
  4. Services: Typical Project Services
  5. Services: Additional Services
  6. Finding the Right Architect 
  7. You’re not selecting a design, you’re selecting a design team
  8. Project Delivery: Traditional Methods
  9. What are construction documents for?
  10. BIM and the Afterlife of Construction Documents
  11. The Architect and the Contractor
  12. A Wise Architect Talks About Client Relationships, Part 1
  13. The Architect and Real Estate Development
  14. Qualifications Based Selection: Why It’s a Good Thing
  15. Before Design Begins
  16. Energy and Value: More than the Sum of the Parts
  17. Being a Successful Client: Bringing Vision and Knowledge to the Table

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