HVAC Resilience through IEQ and EE | What COVID-19 Has Taught Us

November 18, 2021 | 12:00pm-1:00pm PT

COVID-19 abruptly changed without discrimination how health and science professionals are doing things.  As more knowledge of how the virus is still being transmitted from person to person through air borne contact, i.e., transmission of respiratory droplets, new protocols are created and used.

Architects and Engineers have been working to find evidence-based building solutions that reduce COVID-19 transmission rates so building occupants can reside and work within a safer and healthier environment. By increasing outside air (OSA) ventilation rates with limited amounts of recirculated air throughout the building, adding high performance filters, installing additional germicidal devices to combat the virus, and using smart controls to facilitate the building and individual occupant’s needs, the ultimate goal of a building delivering both high Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and high Energy Efficiency [EE]are achieved.

This presentation will outline two HVAC design principles:

  • “Mixed Mode Ventilation” (incorporating natural ventilation as the prime ventilation resource), and
  • “Adaptive Model” (predicting the occupants’ comfort).

Participants will examine:

  • “CDC guidelines for COVID-19”, and
  • “ASHRAE Position Documents on Infectious Aerosols”.

Practical and feasible solutions for existing buildings which account for 97% of the existing building stock.

Earn 1 LU | HSW for attending live.

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