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February 19 was the deadline for the legislature to introduce legislation (bills) for 2021.  Nearly 2,400 bills have been introduced, on a wide range of topics.  The issue of housing (affordable housing, new housing, planning for housing, ADUs, etc.) is the subject of many bills.  Climate Action and building standards also made subject of a fair number of bills.

AIA CA staff currently is reviewing the newly introduced bills, and will present bills of interest to the profession to our Advocacy Advisory Committee, Urban Design Committee, or the advocacy subcommittee of our Committee on the Environment for recommendations to the AIA CA Board of Directors.  The Board will meet on April 16 to consider those recommendations.

In the coming weeks we will let you know of those bills so you can provide your feedback as well.

AIA CA Sponsored Bill Introduced

AIA CA was able to get a bill introduced as directed by our Board of Directors.  Assembly Member Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto) introduced AB 1010 February 18.  This bill represents the professions commitment to Climate Action by becoming leaders on the design zero net carbon buildings.  AB 1010 creates a new continuing education requirement (5 hours every 2 years) in zero net carbon design.

California is taking aggressive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  These steps include net zero energy requirements for buildings, the generation of energy from renewable sources, the adoption of local electrification codes, and more sustainable state building codes and standards.

The AB 1010 continuing education will allow architects to remain informed of not only changing building codes and standards, but how to design high-performing zero net carbon buildings that go beyond the minimum required standards.

If AB 1010 is enacted, the coursework will:

  • Educate all architects in California about the urgency of rapid carbon reduction in the built environment and provide simple, cost-effective ZNC design strategies and tools to get there
  • Prepare all architects for rapidly changing building codes and a marketplace shifting toward advanced energy efficiency, carbon neutrality, and long-term resilience
  • Mobilize the profession to take leadership in accelerating statewide de-carbonization to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all Californians in the face of the mounting climate crisis

AB 1010 will have its first hearing in April.

AIA CA Supported Members Appointed to Code Advisory Committees of the California Building Standards Commission

The California Building Standards Commission, when adopting the building codes and standards, relies on advice and recommendations from six Code Advisory Committees.  The six committees are Accessibility Committee, Building, Fire & Other Committee, Green Building Committee, Health Facilities Committee, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical & Energy Committee, and Structural Design/Lateral Forces Committee.

Each committee must have at least one architect as a member.  We are pleased to report that each AIA CA supported architect received an appointment to a 2021-2023 Code Advisory Committee last week.

The following Members are volunteering their time and knowledge to improve California’s building codes and standards:

Bill Zellmer, AIA
Member of Access Code Advisory Committee: Disabled Access Advocate – Disabled Access Advocate: Cognitive Representative

Chair of Health Facility Advisory Committee: Acute Care Hospital Representative

Jay Whisenant, AIA
Chair of Access Code Advisory Committee: Architect Representative

Jay Hyde, AIA
Member of PEME Advisory Committee: Architect Representative

Steve Winkel, FAIA
Chair of BFO Advisory Committee: Architect Representative

Gary McGavin, AIA
Member of SD/LF Advisory Committee: Architect Representative

David Field, AIA
Member of Health Facilities Advisory Committee: Architect Representative

Sharon Refvem, FAIA
Member of Green Building Standards Advisory Committee: Architect Representative




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