Fellow Friday|

NAME: Thom Greving, FAIA

AIA CHAPTER: Los Angeles

FIRM NAME: HKS Architects Inc.

Fellows Feature Questions:

  1. Why did you apply for fellowship?
    I have had several young professionals ask me about the arc of my career, wanting to understand how to nurture their own professional paths. The conversations made me want to revisit my journey as a designer, and the FAIA submission process gave me a good way to discipline myself and make it a priority to do the work.
  2. Where were you when you got the news?
    I was in my home office checking my emails in the early morning.
  3. How did you celebrate?
    I contacted the people that had helped me with my submission and they began notifying my friends and colleagues. Because of the pandemic, my celebrating consisted of ZOOM calls and happy hours.
  4. What’s your one piece of advice for those applying, or thinking of applying?
    Everyone told me not to underestimate how much work it would be to make the submission and they were correct. Be prepared to spend the time it will take and also take the time to use the effort as a time of self-reflection, it makes the commitment worth it.
  5. What’s next for you?
    As Regional Design Director for HKS’ Pacific Region, I will continue to foster an inclusive design-thinking culture based on a belief that designing without assumptions based on user- and research-based methodologies provides a pathway to designing innovative and sustainable environments.  Most recently, I have led the design efforts for both the University of California San Diego Living and Learning Neighborhoods of North Torrey Pines and Theatre District.


AIA California
AIA California
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