The AIA California Council AEP Council of Advisors has two IDP State Coordinator positions, one North and one South. They each serve a three year term, staggered in order to provide a continuance of mentorship and guidance within the position.  Only one Coordinator is recognized by the AIA National and as such the two coordinators must work to coordinate presentations and funding.  The AIACC website will post both directors contact information and which regions they are serving.

The IDP State Coordinators serve as the main resource for all AIACC members who have questions about the IDP and licensure process.  It is essential that they be reachable (via phone or email) to the AIACC membership and distribute information to the chapter Associate and/or EP Directors.  They must attend all AIA AEP COA meetings and the local EP Caucuses as long as funding is available.

The IDP State Coordinators must attend the IDP Coordinator’s conference, organized by the AIA. It is a three day conference, typically schedule from Thursday to Saturday at varying times of the year.  NCARB has a strong presence at this conference and will introduce any changes being made to the IDP/ ARE programs.  They will also always host the IDP Boot-Camp presentation (which IDP State coordinators are required to attend every three years by AIA National ).  Both Coordinators are funded to attend the conference, one by the AIA National, the other by the AIACC.

In addition, the IDP State Coordinators must give IDP Boot-Camp presentations (or some variation of) to all AIA Chapters that request it as long as funding allows.  Travel expenses are covered by the AIACC Budget for the IDP Coordinator.  It is the Coordinator’s responsibilities to verify the funds are available prior to committing to these presentations. If funding is not available, the AIA chapters requesting the presentation can be asked to front the cost.  All printing costs for the presentation should be handled by the local AIA chapter.  The AIA chapter determines the amount to charge for the event and should set up all accommodations for it.  The standard contact person for the chapter should be the Associate or EP Director.

The IDP State Coordinators also update pertinent information to the developing AEP website such as current IDP and California Licensure information.  In addition, any local Component IDP contact information such as a local Chapters IDP Auxiliary Coordinator’s information or University’s IDP Educator Coordinator’s Information.

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