The path to licensure is a long, arduous journey. The surface is only touched when one graduates from university—there is still the Architecture Experience Program (AXP) to complete; preparation for enduring the seven Architect Registration Examinations (ARE), then of course passing the AREs, all while trying to earn a living as an associate architect. The pomp and circumstance march which traditionally accompanies a graduation ceremony normally signifies the end of a journey. In the case of the architect, it is only the beginning.

In honor of those who have endured the process and are now licensed, AIA California would like to take a moment to recognize those who have earned their license:

Central Coast

Elaina Dente

Central Valley

Yevgenia Watts

Bartlomiej Sapeta

East Bay

Christopher York

Charles Crowe

Yang Ming

Mathew Staublin

Maria Antony Katticaran

Kristin Andersen

Ian Heath

Inland California

Jacob Belinski

Los Angeles

Thomas Deegan-Day
Ramon Hone
Wing Wong
Chunxiao Wang
Eric Meyer
Joshua Treiber
Mojdeh Memarzadeh-Esfahani
Wilson Chang
Roberto Sheinberg
Odenis Vitoreli
Hailong Li
Leonard Rehkop Brewer
Jonathan Hughes
Seunghyun Jo
Dagmara Ziolkowska

Long Beach

Ashley Craig

Monterey Bay

Kirsten Snobeck

Orange County

Ji Yeon Lee
Bao Pham
Ryan Ahmadi
Meghana Joshi
Daniel Kwak

Pasadena & Foothill

Lilia Grigoryan
Ara Hovsepyan

Redwood Empire

Scott Landry

Stepan Berlov

San Diego

Enrique De La Concha

Jacob Ernst

Nathan Scrivo

Reni Grigorova-Rueva

Santa Barbara

Ambikesh Mishra

San Fernando Valley

Mohamed Sijlamassi

Nitin Narang

Silicon Valley

Erik Piedad

Sierra Valley

Antonio Pavone

Stacey Wellnitz

San Francisco

Erin Alley

Elia Magari

James Daughtrey

Dana Manea

Matthew Turlock

San Joaquin

Benjamin Schoeneberger

San Mateo

Joanne Wong

Ventura County

Robert Mclaughlin

AIA California
AIA California
Celebrating over 75 years of service, the AIA California actively promotes the value of design and advocates for the architectural profession. AIA CA is an association of 11,000 dedicated and passionate members who share a commitment to design excellence and livability in California’s natural and built environments.

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