The World is in flux

From how and where you work to what your clients are asking of you to how the architectural profession in California will look in the next 3-5 years.

You’re not alone in navigating this changing landscape! AIA California is here to help. We’re bringing people together and we want to hear from you. Tell us about your ‘ups and downs’ – your hopes and dreams – and what’s keeping you up at night.

We are hosting a series of Listening Sessions – curated to promote guided conversations focused on current topics of interest impacting the practice of architecture. Participants are encouraged to give candid feedback about their experiences to learn from each other as well as provide the AIA in California an opportunity to help address these issues and provide resources.

Join Us for these Sessions

Co-hosted by David Garcia, Assoc. AIA and Liam Hanlon, Assoc. AIA

Does the path to licensure seem daunting? Working in the architectural profession but not sure how to progress in your career? Looking for ways to demonstrate your value to your firm? Join your colleagues to discuss options, opportunities, and to outline a path forward.

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Hosted by Drishti Bajlia, AIAS

Student debt, earning power, business skill sets, professional awareness, advancement opportunities, workplace benefits, immediate preparedness, and increasing market value to firms – these are just a few topics on top of mind to students everywhere. Let’s discuss how to make you indispensable as you enter this profession.

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Have you been around the block a few times when it comes to solving routine problems? Are you in a lead role or looking to move into one? Join your colleagues to discuss challenges and ways to do more than just ‘’survive’’ in a workplace that is in constant flux.

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Hosted by Ginger Thompson, AIA

Architecture aside; let’s talk about the value of the architect.  What is the value an architect brings to a project, to a client, and to the community that sets the profession apart from other who work in the built environment?

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Hosted by Betsey Olenick Dougherty, FAIA

For some, the AIA is seen as a club with many barriers to entry; to others, it’s an invaluable resource. Let’s discuss how AIA can be relevant to your career goals and the opportunities in connecting with other professionals.

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Co-hosted by Carmen Suero, AIA and Mandy Freeland, AIA

Understanding the unique issues faced by small businesses can help you be more successful. Join your colleagues to discuss what’s on your mind – from barriers to economic viability to the benefits of being small and the efficiencies you’ve discovered during/post pandemic.

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AIA California
AIA California
Celebrating over 75 years of service, the AIA California actively promotes the value of design and advocates for the architectural profession. AIA CA is an association of 11,000 dedicated and passionate members who share a commitment to design excellence and livability in California’s natural and built environments.

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