Design is Good Business

We all know this, right? Or, maybe we know it but don’t know what it means exactly, or how to apply it to our various firms or in our public/client relationships. There is also that pesky quandary of compensation—how to explain it, justify it, wrap it in a bow so the quality of work, and price of said work, is not unnecessarily questioned. And what about the tricky predicament one can find themselves in when trying to explain to a client the importance of energy efficiency?

As a possible solution to the communicatory disconnects that come with the nature of the business we are all in (in one way or another), The American Institute of Architects, California Council is proud to present, Design is Good Business: Firm Toolkit and Client Resources. This section of our website is intended to be a resource and a library to both the architect and the client.

One can find presentations such as “Optimizing Energy Use in Buildings,” “Why Hire an Architect,” and the ever-important, ever popular topic of “Compensating Your Architect.”

The client section is open to the public, and any member can log on to take a look at the flyers for the Practice toolkits, and feel free to use them for their own practices Members can feel free to tweak and add photos and logos to make it specific to the firm.

And, there is more to come. Stay tuned as we will be periodically adding essays and advisories to both the Client and the Firm pages.

Remember, Design doesn’t add value, it multiplies it. (Yes, Design with a capitol “D.”)


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