The California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan calls for newly-constructed nonresidential buildings to be designed to a goal of zero net energy by 2030 and for residential buildings to achieve this goal even earlier in 2020. The creation of high performance buildings that deeply reduce overall energy use and peak energy demand, and incorporate on-site renewable energy generation to offset non-renewable energy supplied by the utility grid, is essential for meeting these performance goals. This educational series, jointly sponsored by AIA San Francisco and PG&E, is intended to help design professionals develop the expert knowledge to design and build the next generation of energy saving buildings.

Nine 4-hour sessions led by Scott Shell, AIA and Brad Jacobson, AIA from EHDD Architecture, Peter Rumsey from Integral Group, and other locally and nationally renowned architecture and engineering experts will give attendees a comprehensive foundation in the strategies and technologies used to achieve Zero Net Energy. All sessions assume attendees have a basic understanding of energy and sustainability issues.

It is highly recommended that you register for the series in its entirety, however, individual seats will be available when space allows.


9 am to 1 pm on the fourth Friday every month
January to September (unless otherwise noted)
AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600
$44 AIA SF Members | $55 Nonmembers
Full Series Package: $360 AIA SF Members | $450 Nonmembers

January 28
Improving Building Energy Performance Through Integrated Design (4 SDs)

Presenters: Scott Shell, AIA, EHDD; Peter Morris, Davis Landon; Representative from Integral Group

February 25
Know Where You’re Going – Setting Targets and Understanding
Loads (4 SDs)

Presenters: Brad Jacobson, AIA, EHDD; Representative from Integral Group

March 25
Design with Climate – A Bioclimatic Approach to Architectural Regionalism (4 SDs)
Presenters: Bill Burke, AIA, Pacific Energy Center; Sam Jensen Augustine, Assoc. AIA, EHDD; Scott Shell, AIA, EHDD

April 22
Very High Performance Building Enclosures for Nonresidential
Buildings (4 SDs)

Presenter: John Straube, Building Science Corporation

May 20
Doing It ‘Old School’ – Passive and Near-Passive Design Approaches and Building Systems for Load and Demand Reduction

Presenter: To be determined

June 24
Daylighting and Electric Lighting (4 SDs)

Presenter: Jim Benya, Benya Lighting Design

July 22
Simple, Robust, and Properly Sized

Victorian engineering, proper equipment, and controls for super-efficient mechanical and plumbing systems (4 SDs)
Presenter: Peter Rumsey, Integral Group

August 26
Site power: Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal, Co-Generation, & Grid-Supplied Renewable Energy (4 SDs)

Presenter: Pete Shoemaker, Pacific Energy Center

September 23
Creating a Culture of Sustainability Among
Building Inhabitants (4 SDs)

Presenters: Scott Shell, AIA, EHDD; Brad Jacobson, AIA, EHDD

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