Principals for Advocating a Sustainable Future

The AIACC supports a balanced State energy policy that reduces waste of non-renewable energy resources while promoting environmentally sound production of alternative energy sources.  In addition, the AIACC encourages continued public and private research and development in all areas of energy-conscious design and technology, with emphasis on the performance of the total building. 

Livable Cities Policy Framework:  Removing Roadblocks to Livable Communities

The AIACC believes the design of the physical environment directly affects the quality of our lives. Through collaborative planning and design, architects contribute to creating safe, aesthetic, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable buildings and communities. The AIACC believes that investing in livable communities offers:

  • Choices in housing, shopping, recreation, and job opportunities
  • Transportation alternatives that reduce dependence automobiles
  • A variety of open spaces for active recreation, walking, and public gatherings
  • A shared identity and sense of pride that results from the visual character and vitality of the community.

A&E Services

The AIACC believes that architects and engineers should be selected for public work on the basis of professional qualifications and competence. 

Building Codes

The AIACC supports the adoption and enforcement of building codes and standards that are the product of informed education, research, and review. The AIACC also supports active participation of the architect and public in a consensus process. 

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