The AIA California Council – State Agency Liaison Committee (SALC) was developed to increase member participation, increase effectiveness, and strengthen our relationships with state agencies affecting the practice and profession of architecture. From these efforts the AIACC will define additional issues requiring its attention.

AIA California Council – State Agency Liaison Committee Structure

Name of committee: AIA California Council – State Agency Liaison Committee (SALC)

Purpose of committee: The mission of the SALC is to monitor and maintain direct AIACC member contact with California State Agencies that have direct or indirect impact on the practice of architecture.


  • The SALC shall bring forward the proposed slate of Agencies to the AIACC Executive Committee transitional meeting each year for review and approval.
  • The SALC shall present proposed initiatives to the AIACC Board prior to the first reading of the budget for inclusion in the subsequent years operating plan.
  • Regular, designated meeting times are to be established each year by the VP of Regulatory Affairs (3 meetings are anticipated per year).
  • Meetings will take place via phone conference.
  • It will be the responsibility of the SALC to provide an annual written position report, discussing specific Agency issues (if any), for AIACC Board review at the last Board meeting of the year. This document will incorporate commentary including the background, relative issues, potential options, and a committee recommendation to the Board relative to Support, Opposition, or No Position.
  • In order for a position to be proposed to the Board, it would require a majority vote of the SALC.

Committee’s Composition and Term:

  • A minimum of one (1) AIACC Board Member in good standing shall be assigned annually by the VP of Regulatory Affairs (no later than the first AIACC Board Meeting of each year) as the personal liaison to a specific State agency.
  • Additional AIACC Members in good standing may be added by the VP of Regulatory Affairs to the committee during the year as needed.
  • These assignments are a one-year term, but there is no term limitation.

General Responsibilities of SALC Members:

  • Attend committee phone conference meetings.
  • Maintain regular contact (minimum once per month) with assigned Agency through direct phone calls and/or emails to agency contact and research of Agency Website.
  • Update and maintain regular contact with AIACC VP’s of Regulation, Legislation and Practice.
  • Each SALC member will provide written position statements specific to their assigned Agency that will be incorporated in to the annual position report.

To view the 2011 SALC Matrix click here.

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