The Vice President of the Academy for Emerging Professionals (VP of the AEP) is a member of the AIA California Council (AIACC) Executive Committee and oversees the AEP’s Council of Advisors (COA).  The VP of the Academy is elected every two years by the AIACC Board of Directors and during their tenure provides structure, organization and representation for the Academy in their effort to fulfill their annual obligations and continued support of the emerging professional as outlined in the Academy’s strategic plan.

The VP of the Academy is responsible for reporting to the executive committee issues of relevance of the Academy and current activities currently being pursued in addition to lending insight into the life of today’s emerging professional. The VP of the Academy is the direct liaison to the AEP COA for AIACC Component Executives and to the California Architects Board (CAB) on issues relating to emerging professionals (along with the IDP Director).

The VP is funded and expected to attend all meetings of the; AIACC Executive Committee, AIACC Board of Directors, AEP COA, both bi-annual regional AEP Forums (north & south), the annual statewide AEP Forum, and the annual National AIA Grassroots. The VP is also encouraged, but not funded or required, to attend the National AIA Convention, AIACC Practice Conference and the AIACC Monterey Design Conference. In addition to the AIACC Executive Committee meetings, the VP is also required to participate on AIACC Executive committee conference calls when scheduled.

AIACC Board meetings are held on weekdays, four times per year. [See calendar of meetings in Appendix] All COA meetings and AEP Forums are held on weekends in order to minimize the amount of time required during business hours. Due to the vast commitment required by the VP of the Academy, cooperation of the VP’s employer is necessary in order to attend all annual meetings and conferences.

Annually the VP of the Academy organizes and facilitates three COA meetings. In between the meetings, he/she coordinates and facilitates nine monthly COA conference calls. The VP also organizes the Statewide AEP Forum and assists the other COA directors in coordinating the regional (north & south) forums each spring and fall.

Additional specific responsibilities of the VP of the Academy are as follows (but not limited to):

* Preparing status reports for each AIACC Board of Directors meeting agenda packets.
* Assisting all COA directors in organizing and implementing their annual work plan as it relates to their portfolio within the Academy.
* Writing the introduction to the first edition of Emergence, the AEP quarterly e-newsletter, each year.
* Keeping the COA annual activities in line with the AEP strategic plan.
* Facilitate the ongoing examination of issues of relevance for each of the COA directors as it relates to their constituent demographic.
* Facilitate the implementation of responses to issues that arise during the year that directly impact the education, culture, development, and licensing of emerging professionals.
* Along with the IDP Director(s), meet with leaders of the CAB at least once each year to discuss issues concerning licensure and how the AEP can assist the CAB in strengthening the process.

The VP can either be an associate AIA member or a recently licensed architect who has been licensed 10 years or less. The VP of the Academy must be an AIACC member in good standing.

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