Study Hub, Licensure for the Next Generation

Greetings from the AIA California Office,

One of AIA California’s most significant commitments to its members is supporting the development of the next generation of architects. How? By recognizing the next generation is pursuing licensure in a different way and AIA California is here to help.

Founded by David Garcia, Assoc. AIA, a tireless volunteer, educator and advocate for those entering this profession, the ARE/CES California Study Hub is a series of study sessions hosted by a revolving cadre of ten professionals: Some, newly licensed; some with extensive experience in the field. All—deeply engaged with emerging professionals working together towards licensure.

Launched mid-2023, the Study Hub is one of the most breakout-successful AIA California programs we’ve facilitated. What makes it so, isn’t simply the professionals sharing their time and experience but the commitment of those on the path to licensure.

The program has 717 participants; 410 of which connect and share material on Study Hub’s Slack channel; and, an average of 65 individuals attending each Study Hub session that are devoted to different divisions of the architectural registration exam (ARE). This engagement has had a direct impact on the ARE pass rate for May/June 2024:

  • 83 Study Hub members have self-reported passing exams
  • 19 reported passing multiple exams
  • 9 members became licensed in Q1

We are exceedingly grateful to the mentors leading the sessions, and committed, ourselves, to continuing this exciting program. But we’re equally excited about this program as an investment in the future of this profession. We know student enrollment in architecture school is stable, but many lament the struggle in connecting with a qualified and committed workforce. 

Building a community and ensuring the legacy of this profession through the ARE Study Hub is just one more way AIA California is working for you.

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