11 NOHO – Honor Award

11 NOHO is a new model of mixed-use housing that includes both affordable low-income and market-rate housing together in a single project. Located on the edge of the very popular and trendy NOHO Arts District, the project affords access to important community amenities to an extremely popular and pedestrian friendly neighborhood. Because it is “Inclusionary Housing”, the project affords equal access for very low income who would otherwise not be able to afford to live in this community.

“A strong, holistic consideration of building performance wrapped into an architecturally interesting design that promotes social equity. (The opening) is successful in connecting you back to the City – a major move to breakdown the monolithic box. The jury was particularly impressed with the following performance criteria:

  • Stormwater management strategy
  • Community service via affordable housing.”

– 2022 Design Awards Jury

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