CALCPAC-LOGOCalifornia Architects for Livable Communities Political Action Committee (CALC PAC) is the political arm of AIA California. Whether or not you participate in politics, your profession and the way you practice, is impacted through the decisions made by legislators and regulators. It’s important to educate decision makers about the issues that impact how you practice.

Onerous laws, bureaucratic red tape, and stifling regulations can cost you significant money. Supporting CALC PAC helps architects develop relationships with and educate office holders on how these regulations impact your bottom line.

By fostering critical relationships between architects and the individuals who make decisions about your profession, AIA California helps ensure stability and prosperity.

Your contribution will make the difference on election day!

Why donate to CALC PAC?

It costs money to have a voice in the political process.
Elections cost money. Political Action Committees allow citizens with similar interests to combine their resources and back candidates who support their values and priorities. PACs can level the playing field. By donating to CALC PAC, you will help elect legislators who care about architects and architecture.
A strong PAC gives your profession a voice.
Political Action Committees represent a crowded field of professions, trades, and causes – all vying for a seat and the table and to be heard. Quite simply, a well resourced PAC elevates your profession’s profile in Sacramento, ensuring architects have a voice to be heard.
Contributing is an investment in your future.
Decisions made in Sacramento impact the bottom line – yours. The California legislature regularly considers legislation that affects the architectural profession, such as sales tax on services, urban development and project delivery. Your CALC PAC contribution helps elect candidates who understand these issues and how they affect your business.

CALC PAC Steering Committee

CALCPAC-HANDSCALC PAC is governed by a committee appointed by AIA California and is administered by AIA California staff in accordance with California State Law. Candidates receive CALC PAC support based on their demonstrated support of architectural issues, support from their local architectural community, and voting records






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