From Launching a Firm, to Managing a Practice: Resources for Firms

Supporting the business and practice of architecture of over 2,300 firms throughout California, AIA California curates resources for sole practitioners to mid-sized firms to the largest, multi-office organizations. Regardless of firm size, these resources are critical to the successful practice of architecture.

Starting a Firm

Running a Firm

CALGreen Checklist

The California Building Code (aka CALGreen) requires a form to be submitted with your building permit application to assist the building department in concurring that your design team has included all the code required items in the project. AIA CA provides the checklist for the updated versions of the code (both residential and non-residential) in both AutoCad and PDF formats as a service to the profession.

ArchiTECH Toolkit

A resource library of architectural tools, technologies, and platforms to help industry professionals run, manage, innovate, and improve their practice or firm.

//2030 commitment tools

Break Barriers; Make Significant Change

The architectural profession must change the systemic, cultural barriers to entry, advancement, and prosperity.  It is widely understood that the profession of architecture has been exclusionary, creating barriers for practitioners outside of a specific demographic. Recognizing these systemic challenges, AIA California is providing resources necessary for firms and practitioners to make significant and lasting change. 

Educating the Client, A Client Toolkit

Designing the built environment is complicated, but knowledge is power, and architects recognize the most successful projects are a partnership. Informed and active participation in the decision-making process ultimately leads to a better project outcome. This toolkit has been assembled with relevant information and offers valuable resources for inspiration, research, technical knowledge, collaboration, and professional development.

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