Desert Palisades – Honor Award

This residence is deeply connected to the desert environment and its context in the hills above Palm Springs. Surrounded by boulders and spanning a natural arroyo, the home is lifted above existing site features while maintaining its connection with the earth. The design celebrates the hallmarks of classic desert modernism—horizontal lines, the use of natural materials, and expansive glazing. The open, shared areas and intimate enclosures allow individuals to experience several spatial environments.

“The building siting, organic natural materials both indoors and out, and expansive glazing strongly ground it into its surroundings and integrates it in a responsible, environmentally sensitive way. Noteworthy performance features include: 

  • Meets 2030 target goal
  • Use of FSC certified wood
  • Abundant access to natural daylight
  • Use of natural ventilation and +L5 thermal mass”

– 2022 Design Awards Jury

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