The Harvey B. Milk Terminal 1 – Climate Action Award

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is one of SFO’s largest projects to date, designed to accommodate a 70% increase in passenger capacity while achieving a 60% reduction in energy use from current operations. Terminal 1 sets a new benchmark for world-class air travel while reflecting Bay Area values. The design embodies a philosophy that induces a “quiet wow,” fostering a sense of discovery and delight, leaving a lasting impression of SFO that celebrates the joy of travel. 

“A beautiful, high-performing project from top to bottom, earning high scores in all areas of sustainability – we hope airport designers around the country and world will take note of the innovations in San Francisco. Commendable performance criteria include:

  • Low energy people movers and baggage handling equipment
  • Active facade systems to control solar gains
  • FitWel certified airport
  • PEUI was reduced by 66%
  • Reduced embodied carbon by 16% through the careful selection of materials”

– 2022 Design Awards Jury

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