Update on AIA CA Board’s Legislative Positions

The California Legislature is about halfway through the legislative process for the year. In fact, the Legislature just passed a major deadline they call the “House of Origins” deadline. This is the point in the legislative process in which all bills introduced in one house must pass out of that house and make it the second house in order to continue moving forward this year. This means that all bills introduced in the Senate must pass to the Assembly and all bills introduced in the Assembly must pass to the Senate.

Since this is the first year of a twoyear legislative cycle, the bills that do not make it are only dead for the remainder of the year and will have an opportunity to be picked back up in January of next year. Click here for more information on the legislative process.

Here is an updated list with the status of the bills AIA CA has take a position on so far this year.

For more information on the process that led to these positions, click here.

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