Climate Action

Bill Leddy, FAIA
VP and Chair
Sharon Refvem, FAIA
Vice Chair & Chair of the Climate Action Chapter Outreach Subcommittee
Suyama Bodhinayake, Assoc. AIA
Co-chair, Climate Action Chapter Outreach Subcommittee
Frank Bostrom, AIA
Chair, Climate Action Education Subcommittee
Bill Burke, AIA
Co-chair, Climate Action Education Subcommittee
Tian Feng, FAIA
Chair, Climate Action Resilient Design Committee
Bill Melby, FAIA
Co-chair, Climate Action Resilient Design Committee
Henry Siegel, FAIA
Chair, Climate Action Communications Subcommittee
Pauline Souza, FAIA
Co-chair, Climate Action Communications Subcommittee
Simone Barth, Assoc. AIA
Chair, Climate Action Advocacy Subcommittee
Scott Shell, FAIA
Co-chair, Climate Action Advocacy Subcommittee
Avideh Haghighi, AIA
Chair, Climate Action Embodied Carbon Working Group

The Climate Action Committee aims to improve the sustainability of the built environment by promoting conservation of natural resources, design which brings buildings closer to net-zero usage, and public policy that supports these efforts. This diverse committee consists of individuals who also serve on the advocacy, education, communications or resilient design subcommittee.

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