Culture Shift Pledge

My Pledge

The architectural profession stands at a pivotal moment; our response today shapes the trajectory of our future endeavors. To uphold our role as essential contributors to society, we boldly confront the challenges facing our workforce and reimagine our professional culture with vigor and passion.

Recognize the Need for Change

  • I acknowledge the urgent need for a shift in our professional culture.
  • I will embrace transparency, flexibility, and growth-oriented practices to meet evolving demands.

Initiate Cultural Transformation

  • I will foster trust, respect, and innovation within the practice to ensure ongoing relevance.
  • I will take the lead in redefining our profession’s values and practices.

Commit to Change in These Ways

Maximize Human Resources:

  1. I will recognize and celebrate the unique strengths of each team member.
  2. I will cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages authenticity and learning.
  3. I will prioritize employee well-being through modern benefits and flexible work arrangements.
  4. I will create diverse career paths with ample opportunities for growth and skill development.
  5. I will establish talent development programs and promote lifelong learning.
  6. I will commit to diversity goals and provide regular performance feedback to support advancement.

Initiate Cultural Transformation

  1. I will publicly acknowledge and reward career accomplishments and professional milestones.
  2. I will foster a sense of community within the firm to inspire collective success.
  3. I will advocate for transparency in pay scales, contract terms, and design processes.
  4. I will address environmental and social issues responsibly and advocate for sustainable design solutions.

What You Can do Right Now:

  • Evaluate your firm’s culture and how human resources are being maximized.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in aligning your firm’s culture with the profession’s values today.
  • Seek out and learn from successful real-world examples and adapt them to suit your firm’s unique context.

Commit to growing and leading the way towards a brighter future for the architectural profession and the communities we serve.


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