AEP History

To Better Understand and Support

The Academy for Emerging Professionals (AEP) was established in 2002 to better understand and support emerging professionals as they navigate the early years in the profession. In California, emerging professionals are identified as individuals pursuing a career in architecture and whose experiences range from student to architects, recently licensed, 10 years or less.

The Academy accomplishes their mission by:

  • Advocating on behalf of Emerging Professionals within both AIA California and the profession at large.
  • Instilling the importance of mentorship in the profession and providing resources for programs focused on mentorship.
  • Creating and maintaining the network of emerging professional leaders throughout the state.
  • Instilling the value of licensure to emerging professionals, while equally supporting those who decide not to pursue licensure.
  • Instilling the value of the AIA to Emerging Professionals, and the value of Emerging Professionals to the AIA.
  • Providing resources for programs focused on career development as well as resources and opportunities for leadership development.

While the specific programming, initiatives, and even the composition of the AEP have changed over the years, the goals remain consistent: – advocating and encouraging emerging professionals in California to ensure the future success of the profession. This effort is led by a group of elected and appointed members known as the Academy for Emerging Professionals Council of Advisors (AEP COA) (link to committee page when available). They represent the interests of emerging professionals at the state and national levels.

AIA California also supports emerging professionals in the 21 local AIA components, many of which include representation for emerging professionals in their volunteer leadership. These members are also part of the AEP and receive support, training, and networking opportunities with their colleagues throughout the state.

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