Supporting Students

Architectural education prepares students to become meaningful contributors to the design and development of the built environment. AIA California supports this journey, providing financial support, resources, and connection to the profession in California.

Navigating this path to licensure is not an easy process, but it’s broken down into five steps to make it manageable. There are licensing advisors to help you along the way and a variety of resources at the state and local AIA chapter level to help you.  Click the ribbon below for the breakdown, start to finish.

Discover Your Options

Urban Design Awards for Students

Interested in showcasing big ideas for our communities? Enter the Urban Design Student Awards to demonstrate focus on conception and expression of the idea through to the many phases of a master plan. Students from a NAAB accredited schools from across California are encouraged to participate.

Architecture at Zero

Architecture at Zero is a design competition for decarbonization, equity and resilience, open to students and professionals worldwide. It serves to engage the fields of architecture, design, engineering, and planning in the pursuit of sustainable design, responding to the challenges of equity and resilience through the design solution. Up to $25,000 in prizes are available!

The Chester and Diana Widom Architectural Education Scholarship

The Chester and Diana Widom Architectural Education Scholarship, in honor of Paul W. Welch also known as, The Widom Scholarship, was established in 2017 by Chet Widom, FAIA and his wife Diana Widom. This scholarship provides opportunities to community college students from California to pursue their architectural education. Scholarship recipients will receive up to $3,500 to help offset the costs of higher education in architecture and design. Awards can be used for qualified tuition and related expenses and/or to otherwise improve or enhance your capacity, skill or talent in the field of architecture.

Robert J. Kain Healthcare Design Education Scholarship

Founded by AIA California’s Healthcare Facilities Forum Committee in memory of their colleague, the Robert J. Kain Healthcare Design Education Scholarship, known as The Kain Scholarship, strives to encourage and support architecture students interested in pursuing a career in the design and delivery of hospitals and healing environments. With forces that continually shift and improve healthcare delivery, this scholarship opportunity supports the importance of developing the next generation of architects to create the innovative design and delivery needs of tomorrow’s healthcare facilities.

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