Special Election State Associate Representative

This memorandum serves as the 60-day notice for Call for Nominations for the open position of State Associate Representative as required by the AIA CA Rules of the Board. The election for this position will take place during the March 15, 2024 in-person meeting at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

AIA State Associate Representative

Term: Two years
Current Officer: Ali Rafieetari, Assoc.
AIA Staff Liaison(s): Ashley Taylor, Program Coordinator

1.Represent California on the AIA National Associates Committee, attend the fall meetingand carry the AIA CA proxy.

2.Participate with AIA CA leadership and California representatives in annual planningmeeting to discuss issues of national concern.

3.Outreach with collateral organizations representing associate members.

4.Participate as a member of the Academy for Emerging Professionals Council of Advisors,attend all meetings, and serve on subcommittees as designated

5.Serve on the AIA CA Board of Directors.


No member of the AIA CA Executive Committee shall engage in the endorsement, sponsorship or nomination of any candidate for this position.

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 Call for Nominations Published
Friday, March 15, 2024 Nominations from the Floor Accepted During the in-person AIA CA Board of Directors Meeting

Nomination Information

Nominees must be AIA CA members in good standing and be able to attend all regularly scheduled AIA CA Board meetings and other meetings as designated

Due to the limited timeline, nominations for this Special Election must be made from the floor by 2/3 vote of the AIA CA Board of Directors on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Due to the limited timeline, nomination materials will be neither published nor required. However, interested candidates for this position will be given contact information for Board members, upon request.

Elections Procedure:

The nominees for the special election will be verified by the AIA CA Secretary/Treasurer, Procedures & Documents Committee, and the AIA CA Executive Assistant. Candidates for office will give a speech of up to three minutes.

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the open offices, please contact the AIA CA Executive Assistant, Mirna Douet, at (916) 642-1712 or MDouet@aiacalifornia.org.

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