AIA California Board of Directors Adopted Positions on Legislation

The AIA California Board of Directors regularly takes positions on legislation that impacts the profession, whether that impact is positive or negative. During the May 31, 2024 board meeting, the board finalized positions on 38 bills (in addition to the 6 priority bills the Executive Committee formerly took action on). A complete list of the bill positions can be found here.

The 2024 Legislative Session saw 2,124 bills introduced. From bills that seek to streamline and make more viable adaptive reuse and accessory dwelling unit projects, to bills that ease CEQA requirements for housing projects, to bills that incentivize new housing creation, to bills that help our state meet its climate goals through addressing embodied carbon in the built environment, the legislation introduced this year saw a continued alignment between the issues legislators are seeking to address and the priorities of AIA California, namely housing and climate action.

AIA California staff reviewed all of the bills introduced, pulling out about a hundred bills that were relevant to each of our three legislation review subcommittees, which together equal about 40 AIA CA members: Climate Action, Housing Steering, and Advocacy Advisory.

These committees review the legislation assigned to them and make recommendations to the Board.

The bills were then reviewed by the Executive Committee before receiving a vote from the Board on official positions. To date, the AIA California, via the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, has voted to take positions on 44 bills.

Bills are often amended or changed drastically throughout the legislative process. AIA CA monitors those changes and brings any bills back to the committees and board for review if needed.

For a complete list of the positions on bills, click here.


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