In Recognition of the Newly Licensed

The path to licensure is a long, arduous journey. The surface is only touched when one graduates from university—there is still the Architecture Experience Program (AXP) to complete; preparation for enduring the seven Architect Registration Examinations (ARE), then of course passing the AREs, all while trying to earn a living as an associate architect. The pomp and circumstance march which traditionally accompanies a graduation ceremony normally signifies the end of a journey. In the case of the architect, it is only the beginning.

In honor of those who have endured the process and are now licensed, AIA California would like to take a moment to recognize those who have earned their license:

Nicholas Oushakoff, AIA

Joseph Diego Corona, AIA

Garret Feasel, AIA

Chloe Eitzer, Assoc. AIA

Julia Weatherspoon, Assoc. AIA

Zhao Wen, AIA

Garet Ammerman, AIA

Marisa Keckeisen, AIA

Robert Steel, AIA

Weiyi Tan, AIA

Jitendra Sawant, AIA

Wei-Tse Yuan, AIA

Sogol Alesafar, AIA

Ji Hao, AIA

Courtney Hughes, Assoc. AIA

Rebecca Baierwick, Assoc. AIA

Ashley Gordon, AIA

Philip Schmunk, AIA

Jie Sun, AIA

Shilpa Nagaraj, AIA

Esther Jeong, AIA

Kathryn (Katie) Volk, AIA

Christopher Van Leeuwen, AIA

Sunhwa Son, AIA

Samantha Doherty, AIA

Shireen Teheranian, AIA

Michael Toubi, AIA

Saul Archila, AIA

Mario Barrientos, AIA

Wayne Chevalier, AIA

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