(Ting D) Accessory dwelling units: owner-occupancy requirements.

Current Text: Introduced: 2/14/2023

Status: 10/11/2023-Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by Secretary of State – Chapter 751, Statutes of 2023.
3/29/2023-From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on L. GOV. (Ayes 7. Noes 0.) (March 29).
Re-referred to Com. on L. GOV.

Summary: The Planning and Zoning Law, among other things, provides for the creation of accessory dwelling units by local ordinance, or, if a local agency has not adopted an ordinance, by ministerial approval, in accordance with specified standards and conditions. Existing law requires a local ordinance to require an accessory dwelling unit to be either attached to, or located within, the proposed or existing primary dwelling, as specified, or detached from the proposed or existing primary dwelling and located on the same lot as the proposed or existing primary dwelling.
This bill would instead prohibit a local agency from imposing an owner-occupancy requirement on any accessory dwelling unit. This bill contains other existing laws.

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