(Ochoa Bogh R) Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program.

Current Text: Introduced: 1/4/2023 

Status: 5/18/2023-May 18 hearing: Held in committee and under submission.
4/10/2023-April 10 hearing: Placed on APPR suspense file.

Summary: Existing law authorizes the State Department of Health Care Services to, subject to an appropriation, establish a Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program. Existing law authorizes the department, pursuant to this program, to award competitive grants to qualified entities to construct, acquire, and rehabilitate real estate assets or to invest in needed mobile crisis infrastructure to expand the community continuum of behavioral health treatment resources to build or expand the capacity of various treatment and rehabilitation options for persons with behavioral health disorders, as specified.

This bill would authorize the department, in awarding the above-described grants, to give preference to qualified entities that are intending to place their projects in specified facilities or properties. The bill would appropriate $1,000,000,000 from the General Fund to the department for the purpose of implementing the Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program, for encumbrance during the 2023–24 to 2025–26, inclusive, fiscal years.

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